Websites that ship guitars to India - List

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by laneymaney, Oct 21, 2006.

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    Hi ,
    I thought id make a list of all the websites that ship guitars to india from abroad so people who are willing to pay the 35% customs and give some chaai paani can browse through easily. Please add more websites if you know of any.Most of these websites have a large variety of accessories too!

    8 Ball Music

    Funky Munky Music

    Musicians Gear

    eSales and Shipping

    Guitar parts Resource ( i have purchased many things from this website )

    Music Land Central (E-bay store ships to India)

    Ginadz Music (Great for effects Pedals)

    Ebenex Music

    Moho Mods (Modded Stomp Boxes)

    jstAjem Parts

    I am not responsible for anything that happens between you and the website because i am in now way affiliated with any of the above.

    I will try to put up more links in the future!

    Thank you,
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    cool i was just gonna order some stuff from 8ballmusicparts...i think ill get it from music123 instead!

    thanks rohit!
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    thanx bro really like it............

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