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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by y2k, Dec 7, 2004.

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    if we look at in our media ..we have got everything but there is only one thing in which i think we are way behind and that is Pop/Rock music ...
    so far im addicted to Pakistani PoP /ROCK music ...i think they are creating the kick as$ music in South Asia ..i have been listening to Pakistani music for about 10 years now .. i have seen all the era of music in Pakistan from Vital Signs to Junoon and from Karavan to this new sensation JaL ..

    if there is any INDI Rockers out here ...

    check these bands out ....

    Karavan ( www.karavanonline.com) all the songs are availabe for downloads .
    Entity Paradigm (EP)
    JaL ( we all know about it now )
    Mizraab ( for only Indian metal heads ) www.mizraabianz.com
    Overdrive www.overdriveonline.net ( download their song Zameen 1 and Zameen 2 )

    this is has to be the greatest music ever

    if you guyz listen to Karavan they have leave Junoon behind ...totally rocking music by Karavan ...i would prefer you guyz to listen to these songs ...They arent popular as Junoon because they doesnt make any videos ..all they do is release album without even releasing any video of it ...

    Aja Mere PAss
    Tum He To Ho

    Mavaraye Duniya

    you guyzz will like it

    Jay HIND
  2. jayanth

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    Ive heard Karavan before.. They are cool...
  3. DesiPride143

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    i feel the same way bra....i have been following paki pop/rock for quite a while but not as long as you have been following...and i have heard most of the bands u mentioned beside..karavan..and overdrive...but i'll sure go try em now...

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