We Cannot See Around the Bend

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    I sit here and
    I contemplate
    The constant twists
    and turns of Fate
    That lead us down
    a certain road,
    Though it might seem
    A heavy load.
    Sometimes the road
    that's wide and straight
    Is not the one
    we're meant to take--
    Because we'll find
    the way that's bare,
    Will never lead
    to anywhere.
    Sometimes we're meant
    to go the way
    That's never seen
    the light of day--
    Though it may seem
    we'll never pass,
    Each step we take
    may be our last.
    When shadows hang
    above our head
    And we don't know
    the way we're led--
    We must have faith,
    though we can't see,
    That this is where
    we're meant to be.
    So if we take
    the winding way,
    Face the troubles,
    come what may--
    We'll find that it's
    been worth the trials,
    The obstacles,
    the dusty miles.
    We cannot see
    around the bend
    We cannot see
    the trail's end
    But we will find
    the winding road
    Will lead us to
    a safe abode.

    Comments welcome. Hell'n
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    HELLOOO......HELLo.....HELlo....HEllo...Hello..? Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me? Is there anyone at home? Did ya' hate it or what? LOL Hell'n
  3. alpha1

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    Uh well, light does bend in strong force fields, or in other words light bends under strong accelerating forces.

    That is the Basis of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.
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    I read it quite a times ..but everytime I lose the flow somewhere .... honestly, not very well structured ...

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