We Are The Champions (Queen)Guitar Chords

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    Song- We Are The Champions(1977)
    Artist, Lyrics & Music- QUEEN


    I've paid my (Cm)dues..(Gm11/C)..
    ..time after (Cm)time..(Gm11/C)..
    ..I've done my (Cm)sentence..(Gm11/C)..
    ..but committed no (Cm)crime..(Gm11/C)..

    ..and bad mis(Eb)takes..(Eb)..(Ebsus4)..
    ..I've made a (Eb)few..(Eb)..(Ebsus4)..
    ..I've had my (D#5)share of sand (Bbomit5/D)kicked in my (C5)face..
    ..but (F5)I've come (Bb5)through..and I need to go (Bb7omit3)on and on and on and (C5)on

    (F5)We are the (A5)champions my (D5)friends..[(Bb5-C5)]
    ..and (F5)we'll keep on (A5)fighting till the (Bb5)end..[Bb5-A5-G5-Ebdim/F#-D/F#]

    (Gm)We are the (C/G)champions (Bbdim7)we are the (Edim7)cham(Gdim7)pions
    (F5)no time for (F7sus2/G)losers 'cos (G#6)we are the (F7sus4/Bb)champions..(C7sus4)..(C7sus4)..of the (F5)world...

    rest is same

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    It is the other way around bro; Cm then Gm in the verse

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