Was 125 year old man Madhya Pradesh, Netaji?

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lord_neo, Oct 29, 2006.

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    A man believed to be nearly 125 years old claimed he was Subhash Chandra Bose shortly before he died two days ago in a village near Guna, Madhya Pradesh.

    The police have launched a preliminary probe.

    Baba Lalji Maharaj, who was living in Saiji village in Ashok Nagar district for the past 30 years, claimed before he died on October 27 that he was the iconic freedom fighter Netaji, ex-sarpanch G S Raghuvanshi said.

    "We were returning from a hospital after getting him treated when he revealed his identity and asked us to keep it a secret till his final rites were performed," Raghuvanshi said.

    Before coming to Saiji, the man had lived in neighbouring Chak Chiroli village for 20 years and nobody there was aware of his identity, he said.

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    :RollLol: :RollLol: Nice joke!!
    Was that a joke?? :eek::
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    Oops sorry i forgot to add the link. Nope not a joke.
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    :shock: :shock:
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    We need jamhead here!
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    I hope he didn't give me away to... the fool!
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    If he was i would like to know the reason for him to hide all these years.
  8. erutu

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    I know the reason.

    His in-laws were looking for him.
  9. jozko

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    due to fall from flight, he lost his memory and got back just before death. he might be even ex bollywood story writer.

    Neta is known for his bravery. Waiting for police findings
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    also waiting for a bollyood movie on that. starring bachchan his wife, his son, his driver. lyrics by rajesh, produced by rakesh, and soon songs on TV and radio requested by chacha maama, potha beta
    India shines. No wonder why Netaji kept his identity hidden all these years.
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    Lapet marne ke naye raaste.
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    yes yes, jamhead is back on demand.

    i was late cos all these years i was kept under house arrest in siberia under Stalin's orders, as a favour he extended to Nehru in return of Nehru's promise to make india a puppet state of russia. btw, i never died in a plane crash as govt of india would have you all believe.

    really, the "old man = netaji" thing has gone too far. i have reasons to believe that the first of the "baba"s who showed up in uttar pradesh about 30 years back was indeed Netaji. Too many indications and similarities plus the very fact that the govt and the RAW tried to hush it up, makes it seem more plausible. But then the RAW/IB came up with a few fake "baba"S here and there to dilute the original event. And now its become a fashion for most old men, to declare days before their death, that they are indeed the person.

    A fine ending to the memory of one of india's greatest sons.
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    That explains why there hasnt been any media coverage of this story.
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    JAM Bose though born in Orissa, was from a Bengali family :)
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    ^^^U seem to b addicted wid bengali culture :)
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    ^ no i hate bengalis. I learned best way to destroy a friend is gift him a Benz car. That's why i try to give bengalis compliments
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    Sugata's gonna leave IGT again ..
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    And the countdown begins ...





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