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    use a clean amp and metronome.each exercise is played at three speeds 80bpm,120 and 160+ (i=index finger,m-middle finger,r=ring finger,p=pinky)

    i-m-r-p m-r-p-i r-p-im p-i-m-r
    i-m-p-r m-p-r-i p-r-i-m r-i-m-p
    i-r-m-p r-m-p-i m-p-i-r p-i-m-r
    i-r-p-m r-p-m-i p-m-i-r m-i-r-p
    i-p-m-r p-m-r-i m-r-i-p r-i-p-m
    i-p-r-m p-r-m-i r-m-i-p m-i-p-r
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  2. Nice one bro...
    we do have a lot of finger excercises on the net and on IGT, but any new approach is very welcome.
    Please keep up the good work, and keep posting.
    P.S. Repped you for your effort :)

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