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  1. maxsteel_2050

    maxsteel_2050 New Member

    hEY i'm intEReSted iN buYInG a aMpliFier (2000-2500) ranGe...
    aND ibAneZ 170DX
    and aNy eFFEcT pROCESSOr wITH dIStoRtION wiLL dO (mAxiMUm 3000)
    IF you caN pROVIDe tHEN rePLY bACk on THIS tHREaD...

    i"Ve gOT oFFers as:
    ZOOM 606 Effect ProceSSOR (3000)
    roLAnd aMPliFier 15W (2000)
    iBAneZ (9000)

    iF aNYoNE hAS a BEttER OFFer rePly bACk hERe.

    eVEn uSEd eQuipmEnts WILL do....bUT in A gOOD coNDitioN... :)

  2. caprico4

    caprico4 New Member

    the roland amp has built in effects... which are just as good if not better than the zoom. dont hurry into gettin a processor just now.. the effects on roland are enough.. save up for better future equipments.
  3. -Nemesis-

    -Nemesis- New Member

    What Ibanez are you going for??...
    You get a low - end RG170 for 10k...
    Why do you want to waste cash like that?
    Wait up...instead of getting a processor..buy a RG270DX for 15k..then get the roland..enough I guess..then get the processor later.

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