wanted drum kit, bangalore, please unleash the beat master

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    Hello All.
    It looks like My ADD is acting up again and the prescribed medicine for the same is a good old fashion beat down.
    Unfortunately i have nothing to take the said beatings.(my dog doesn't count ok)
    This is where all you lovelies come in, by letting me take your old but beloved, still in good condition and most importantly great sounding drum set of your fracking rocking hands, for some good old kasu(cash baby yeah).
    All i really want is the snare, high hat and bass drum but would ungrudgingly take the whole shebang. Truthfully yours would be the first drums i ever laid my hands on (yup cherry aint popped yet)
    Now your probably wondering why should i give my lovely precious to this freaky guy who frankly sounds a little insane.
    well good news, i have been told i come from a good home and would thus provide the same for your old lover. and you could always come and visit us and i promise to give the two of you some private quality time if needed.
    i cannot promise or offer more, like wheatish complexion or convent education but my 8 big ones should somewhat sooth the separation pain.
    If you happen to have an old set you don't require any more/ or are leaving town or the new baby in the house requires its space or any other sorry reasons your significant others are forcing on you, or if you know of some one in this predicament. send me an email and lets get the party on the road.
    Until then be good and clean underwear.

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