[wanted] chords for 'Gin Soaked Boy' (Divine Comedy, the)

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  1. nitinsw

    nitinsw the unforgiven

    plz share the chords for the abovementioned beautiful song...its kinda urgent.

    I'm the darkness in the light
    I'm the leftness in the right
    I'm the rightness in the wrong
    I'm the shortness in the long
    I'm the goodness in the bad
    I'm the saneness in the mad
    I'm the sadness in the joy
    I'm the gin in the gin soaked boy !!! ...

    beautiful lyrics, aren't they??? someone plz share the chords....
  2. badullah

    badullah Dark Inside

    with you on that jee ... great song !
  3. pahi

    pahi New Member

    i haven't quite figured this site out yet but if you've got the chords where are they? .. kind've want them too..
  4. bose

    bose New Member

    chords for gin soaked boy

    I could figure out this much so far. Let me know if you can add to it.

    F Bb F C
    I'm the darkness in the light
  5. nitinsw

    nitinsw the unforgiven

    that sounds sth like it...someone complete it plz.

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