Wanted: Blues/Rock n Roll musicians in Bangalore

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by renzil, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. renzil

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    Me and a friend are amateur guitarists who love the blues and rock n roll. We've been jamming for a month now, and are looking at playing small venues like coffee shops and pubs in Bangalore. But we're also looking for people with similar interests as ours to complete that band we all dream of forming. I wouldn't want to regret not giving this a shot.

    In the past I've played with lots of people with differing musical tastes, and I must admit I'm at a stage right now where I'm a bit picky about who I want to jam with. I'm not into Hindi or Classical music, and we're definitely not trying to form a metal band. While I do appreciate a lot of contemporary rock and metal bands, I really love the good old blues and rock and roll acts. We IDOLIZE the Beatles, and there's a bunch of other famous artists (Clapton, Chuck Berry, etc.) we've tried covering.

    Our current focus is on getting good at covers and growing musically, before we move on to writing music. We're primarily looking for an experienced guitarist or an amateur bassist. Interested vocalists and drummers can also ping me. A rough idea of where we stand musically can be experienced on this recording -> 'sites . google . com /site/renzil/downloads-1/Isawherstandingthere_1.mp3'


    PS - my first post here, so can't post the URL properly.
  2. benchwarmer

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    if it's blues and stuff....i am on...and u said "experienced guitarist"...if its in terms of gigs then i am not the right person...i been playing for just more than 4 yrs now :) ...and u guys??(since i never got to understand the link you posted)
    one more thing...where u live in bangalore???
    u can mail me at indmidleofnowhr@gmail.com
  3. rickkkyrich

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    ^You need to get out of your house for playing..
  4. renzil

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    I dropped a mail at your id. I stay near Dairy Circle. To use the link I posted, you just have to erase out the spaces in 'sites . google . com /'.
  5. benchwarmer

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    @riky: yaah...i know y u said that...but anyways...hope someday i will get out of my place... :D ...
  6. vivekjuyal

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    Hi Renzil,
    I'm Vivek and am looking for people to jam with ...in Bangalore.
    I am an amateur guitarist.
    Pls contact me on 9611895504.
  7. guitarman41

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    Hi there, am a talented blues/ rock n roll guitarist/ drummer looking for like minded musicians. Absolutely dig the musicians and the genre U were citing. call me on 7760814769 or email sanjaysamuel@gmail.com
  8. moody33

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    Hi , are u still searching for a guitarist ? i play blues and classic rock , my influences are jimi hendrix, clapton , SRV, The Eagles, John mayer... etc .. u seems like u feel the blues so lets meet up
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    i'm a bassist

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