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    I want to purchase a new guitar. My budget is max 8 to 9 K.
    Guitar should be made from solid wood. All guitars I researched Ephiphone, fender, yamaha, ibanez, hofner and so on are all made in china.

    I do not want a guitar made in china. Any suggestions ?
    How is Indian brand signature ? Does Kolkata made Hobmer has any solid wood mode ?

  2. Stringsly

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    All are made in China? What is the source of this information?
  3. alpha1

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    What is the problem with Made in China?
    Are you on of those jingoist that will only buy swadeshi?
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    Woww !! Alpha - Long time.

    Btw any views on the new theme and software upgrades on IGT ?
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    The American made Fenders and Gibson's should retain their value and possibly increase. This was a given forever - but maybe not as much anymore. I don't think a brand new tele will be worth 100 times its value in 50 years like an early sixties is now. You are going to pay for quality American stuff made presumably with better materials but its difficult to say their price justifies the value over import models. There are really 4 types of guitars coming out of china at the moment - The real deal company approved lower market guitars like the squiers, the off brands plywood crap, the total scam counterfeit knock off's like glibsons and fendlers and the very very very good counterfeits that are getting better and closer to the real deal all the time. I recently heard a story of a Martin executive visiting China and being taken to a beautiful Official Martin show room full of beautiful custom Martin guitars - the problem being, Martin didn't have a show room in China yet! The employee's in the shop even thought they worked for Martin.

    Ethan Stark
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