Want to learn Guitar urgently

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  1. subhadipm

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    Hi, am staying at Ballygaunge. I once had a dream to learn guitar, even learnt it for 2 - 3 months but had to leave as i had joined a job by then. Now i want to start learning again. Any one staying near Ballygaunge Phari can come to my house to teach me for 1 - 2 Hours twice a week? Even if you are not a teacher but have the ability to teach/help with the basics will do. Khoob Urgent. Call me please
  2. nova

    nova New Member

    learn guitar from youtube.

    to start buy a guitar first then start learning from youtube.belive you me!good luck!
  3. subhadipm

    subhadipm New Member


    Since i had learnt guitar for 3 months, its very obvious that i have a Guitar. I do have some basics from Books, You Tube, Ebooks etc. but you need to feel and learn by looking at some one playing infront of your eyes.
  4. nova

    nova New Member

    learn guitar

    that will be plus plus !
  5. ari_83

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