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    Hey Guyz :)

    Wuzzup ! Howz Life :> ?

    I need a sort of help guyz ...

    I m learning the CHORDS of guitar ..

    And I learn some of from the net ..

    But I didn't find no more CHORDS on the net ..

    The Chords I learnd Are :-

    Em - (022000)
    E - (022100)
    Am - (X02210)
    A - (X02220)
    D - (XX0232)
    Bm - (XX0432)
    C - (X32010)
    G - (320003)
    Em1 - (022002)
    C1 - (032013)
    A# - (XX3331)

    Now i heard there are over 100 chords :| ! jigz ..
    can any 1 please post the chords in this format that i gave !?
    cause it will be easy for me to learn :D !!
    If i learn the chords , then i can learn the TABS too !

    So, I hope My friends will help me soon :D !!
    Please post some usefull topics here so I and all of my friends can be benefited :D ..
    Thank you :D !

    Peace ..
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    well if u wanna learn practically go to www.chordbook.com and check out how to hold chords and always try and hold them at the very end of the fret that would reduce the buzz sound and yeah make sure u pluck the string one by one and then try and strum them ......good luck :)
  4. g0g0l

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    There are 100s of chord around (YOu can also make some :))...

    Install Guitar Pro version 4 or version 5. Open the software, Press "A". The chord chart will come.... Learn from there!

    Except simple MAjand Min chords...There are Sus chords, Dim chords, add chords, 7 th, 9 th, Aug chords and lotz and lotz. It's practically impossible for someone to post it here..
  5. ^^_Fr|3nD_^^

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    I Recommend U To See This Site For .. Chords .. With Audio Versions .. n U Can also Make Relations In It ..

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