want to join a amateur band- mumbai

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  1. satyamarora

    satyamarora New Member

    hi, if any one wants to get together to play music on weekends , pls do let me know. i play the guitar and would welcome people to join me for making a band. i am in andheri west.

  2. smitzonian

    smitzonian New Member

    Hey , I can sing and strum a bit .. i dont mind jamming on the weekends. I too am in Andheri West.

  3. UD86

    UD86 New Member

    Hey Guys.. Are you Jamming on Weekends now. I can play keyboard and Flute. Please let me know if we can come together for some musical weekends. I stay at Dahisar. My mail id is utkarsh_usd@yahoo.co.in
  4. Sagar\m/

    Sagar\m/ New Member

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