Want to improvise on a hindi song

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    Hi All,

    I have been playing since 2 years with no great knowledge in guitar/music theory..but i want to learn improvising..and i play around and do improvise a lot with the pentatonic scales on various classic rock songs(led zepplin and black sabbath).
    Now one of my friend has written his own song and I wish to provide some backing with guitar to it...The song is in Hindi, and she said its in F minorThing is I seldom play hindi songs and I dont know how to improvise on this song..I tried experimenting with the F minor scale(ie aeolian mode). but it was sounding pathetic. Can anyone suggest how should one go about improvising along with a hindi song....I know i need to learn theory first before improvising, but I am thinking of learning theory by experimenting and by taking up practical tasks-like this one...
    Waiting for your response...


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