Want to buy electric guitar in India budget:15k: Help!

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by red octane, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. red octane

    red octane The shredzophenic!

    hey people,

    Decided to get an electric guitar...budget:15k

    I like stuff like maiden,rammstein,gnr,bodom,metallica,rhcp,floyd,ratm etc..

    was checking out bajaoo.com,the ibanez grg 170dx looked pretty good

    How is the grx-20?

    and how good are java guitars? The starter pack there looked pretty good...

    Or should I go for the squier starter pack for about 12.5 k?

    And anybody know a good guitar shop in chennai?

    totally confused..

    P.S:does a humbucker/single coil make a huge difference..and is it better to get a hss/ssh etc combo guitar if i like both clean and distortion sounds?

    I guess the picture'll get clearer once goto a shop and try out stuff.. but tied up with work..might go day after or something.. so gimme your opinions:)

    P.S2:and what about amps..dunno anything bout them,but somebody suggested roland microcube...
  2. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    hmm... well 15k.. you could actually go and buy a Epiphone Les Paul Model copy or, if u want a solid-body, look out for Greg Bennet interceptor II, a rlly rlly f'in amazing thing. if u want an ibanez, save up more money, lik 30k, and then go buy the ibanez steve vai has...
  3. red octane

    red octane The shredzophenic!

    hmmm....will check those out,but I dont want to buy a guitar for 30k,cause I'm just starting out...will check the other stuff though,

    Are entry level ibanez's soooooo bad?
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Fisrt of all tell me, didnt you find the difference in sound of humbucker and single coil?
  5. red octane

    red octane The shredzophenic!

    errm......havent been to a shop yet,works tying me down,will probably go today*crosses fingers*......this will be my first electric,never touched/played one before...

    Update:went to a shop nearby....checked out the 170dx,liked it a lot,he didnt have the strap on,so couldnt wear it,but felt good...checked out a few others,didnt like them too much...the ibanez was the best of the lot..

    The only other guitar there in my bidget was a fender squire,strat pack,told me I could check it out tomo...so will go there and check that out..

    P.S:yeah now i know the difference between a single coil and a humbuck! :)
  6. kool_montoo

    kool_montoo New Member

    which shop did u find the squire strat pack in chennai do let me know i'm also trying to buy onw but i'm new to chennai so i dont know much around here
    could sms me or call me my no is 9789988730
  7. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    I think Going for a custom made guitar can also be an option. Buy good pickups from somewhere like bajaao.com and make your favourite guitar body from the shop. By this way, you'll both get the style and the quality (atleast pickupwise). You can get a good set of pickups for 10k approx and in calcutta, we can have good guitar bodies made for 5k. So that's it! You spent 15 K!
  8. moddy

    moddy New Member

    I dont know the difference in humbucker and single coil? Which is the better one? Please explain. Thanks
    I am planning to buy the Ibanez RG321MH which is for 15500rs and then later will put better pick ups and other things. What do you guys think about this guitar coz i have heard its a great guitar for the price. And by the way i am a beginner.
  9. danny14871

    danny14871 New Member

    dude, the humbucker pickup gives u a thick, meatier tone suited more for heavy metal songs which use a lot of distortion.....
    the single coils give u a thinner and cleaner sound, u kno; that bluesy, twangy sound suited for playin blues/rock or lead guitar...

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