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  1. benz

    benz classical demon

    Hey guys , i need ur help if anybody has got the notations of { raga bhim palasi } i'm actually appearing the prarambhik part 2 but the raga i mentioned above is of 1st year syllabus but i am of the ambitious types and i want to convince our teacher that i am as good as the 1st years but my teacher doesn't listen to me:mad: so ithink it's the right time to invoke the IGT astra:help:.

    Please get back to me ASAP. ;)
  2. makdee

    makdee New Member

    If I met my teacher today I will ask her to give me some knowledge about
    this raaga . But I want to know what you want exactly .

    Notes of this raaga or small song based on this raaga . Khayaal's .
  3. kooldudemax

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    hey temme wat exactly u want!!!!meanwhile m givin u da notes of its "aaroh","avroh" nd "pakad"...........
    k-komal svar

    Aaroh:- nee,sa,ga(k),ma,pa,nee(k),sa
  4. benz

    benz classical demon

    it's obvious

    Kooldudemax *thank u* for ur help.I think it was *pretty obvious* what i wanted as i mentioned earlier i wanted the whole raga.
  5. makdee

    makdee New Member

    [size=+2] Try this . [/size]

    [size=+2] Aaroh - Komal Ni , Sa , Komal Ga , Ma , Pa , Komal
    Ni , Sa . Re and dha are absent in Aaroh .
    Avroh - Sa , Komal Ni , Dha , Pa , Ma , Komal Ga , Re , Sa all swars are used
    in avroh .
    Pakad - Koaml Ni , Sa , Ma , Ma , Pa , Komal Ga , Ma , Komal Ga , Re , Sa

    I will post whole raaga soon . with khayaal .
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  8. makdee

    makdee New Member

    In addition to my previous post .

    [size=+2] Ye raaga KAAFI THAAT se banta hai .
    Is raaga ka varg ( group ) AUDAV - SAMPOORNA hai )( 5 swars are used in AAROH and 7 swars in AWROH ) . Iske AAROH mein RE tatha DHA nahi lagte . AWROH sampoorna hai ( saaton swar's lagte hain ). Is raaga mein )GA aur NI KOMAL tatha anya swar SUDHHA lagte hain . Is raaga ka VAADI SWAR MA tatha SAMVAADI SWAR SA hai .Is raaga ko gaat bajaate samay) DHANASHREE raaga se bachna chaahiye ( raaga DHANASHREE is about similar to this raaga ) . Ye POORVANGVAADI RAAGA hai ( Raaga in which VAADI SWAR is SA , RE , GA , MA is known as POORVANGVAADI RAAGA ). Is raaga keANTRA ka Utthav MA GA MA , PA , KOMAL NI , SA hai . Is raaga ko gaane ka samay Dinn ka TEESRA PRAHAR hai .

  9. makdee

    makdee New Member

    [size=+2]Here is chota khayaal based on this raaga [/size]

    [size=+1]Taal = Teen Taal [/size]
    [size=+1] x shows Sam , 2 shows 2nd Taali , 0 shows Khaali ,
    3 shows 3rd Taali [/size]

    [size=+1]Line in red shows wording of song ( khayaal ) while line in green shows notation .[/size]

    Sthaayi - [/size]

    [size=+1] x__________|2__________|0__________|3__________[/size] [size=+1]
    ___________|___________|Go___re____|mu kh so ___ [/size]
    [size=+1]___________|___________| Ni___Dha Pa|Ma Pa Ga Ma[/size] [size=+1]
    mo re ma nn |bha___ve___| lu.. k.. chi p | da r sh an[/size]
    Pa Pa Ga Ma |.Ni Re Sa ___|.Ni Sa Ma Ga| Re Re Sa Sa[/size]

    [size=+1]A. ti. hi.. su. |haa___Ve___|[/size]
    Antra -[/size]

    [size=+1] x__________|2__________|0__________|3__________[/size] [size=+1]
    Nai __ Na __ |Mri g. sa. m. |chan_dra mu|khi __ __ __[/size]

    [size=+1] Pa ___ Pa Pa |Ma Pa Ga Ma |Pa ___ Ni Ni | Sa __ Sa __ [/size]
    [size=+1] Ba. da. n. ka |ma l.. sa m.. |sa da ___ ra |__ ga ma n[/size] [size=+1]
    .Ni Sa Ma Ga | Re Re Sa. Sa.|Pa Ga Ma Ga|Ga Re Sa Sa[/size]
    a.. ti. hi. ___ |bha ___ ve __ [/size]
    .Ni Sa Ga Ma | Ni __ Dha Pa [/size]

    Note - All the Ni and Ga are komal swars . Notes having dots in left side .Ni etc shows notes of mandra saptak while notes having dots in right Sa. etc show notes of Taar saptak all other notes are of Madhya saptak . [/size]

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