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Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by harish.nair, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. harish.nair

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    Hi guys! i have recently joined this g8 community and find it really good for all kinds of guitar lovers.

    I'm playing guitar for so many years now, but never have taken it seriously & never have taken any classes for it. Now in a position to go for the advance level.

    M living in a remote place and donot have any teachers as such who can teach me with some good lessons.

    If you guys can suggest me any good book or CD/DVD for learning good acoustic guitar, it will be good.

    Well i enjoyed playing some of the posted tabs for english and hindi songs. you guys really play well:)

  2. palthestud

    palthestud New Member

    harish, great that you have a passion, but there is no 1+1=2 in music learning, grasp, practice and play thats the simple idea of playing. Your music sense and capabilities also develop while you practice, there are millions of posts and lessons online, but stick to one book/website/author, I never went to a music school in my early times, but i would recommend you this website to clear your theory concepts and make apply it, even you play tabs/songs from IGT.


    Personally, I have learnt everything from this website and the explanation is extremely simple.
  3. harish.nair

    harish.nair New Member

    hey dude! thanks for the wonderful advice.

    In fact I have gone through some posts and lessons, and its really good and helpful.

    All my life I have been playing of my own and that has made me mature enough to understand these concepts. and you are right you just have to be passionate enough to learn music or develop the music quotient.

    Many of the songs and tunes of past that have touched the listener's heart, and which I have played on my guitar, and when I looked at the notes given in here I was actually surprised to see that "oh! even i have developed that music quotient in me".

    I believe if you have a good ear and can put your senses and thinking capability on your fingers you will become a good guitarist one day :)

    Well! i will go through these lessons and will post something good in here!:)

  4. rajjat

    rajjat New Member

    there is a web site torrins.com and other is jamplay.com there are many other but try to stic very honest to yourself there are many sites offering guitar lessons online but i will recomend you a book by jim corce along with dvd its course is simple or try to be in my contact i'll teach you how?
  5. manuagarwal007

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    hi rajjat,

    i reside in Mumbai in andheri area...i have just bought an acoustic guitar and want to start learning guitar ASAP....though there are lot of lessons available on internet & IGT as well, but i cudnt decide which one to follow...so please help me out...u can also mail me at: manuagarwal007@gmail.com

  6. slayersid18

    slayersid18 New Member

    attend any local instructor in your area for a few months....get an idea of how the instrument is played...learn as much as possible, chords, simple 1-2 scales and stuff...

    move to playing by ear...simple power chords can teach you a lot of songs!
    learn your fav. tunes so that it keeps you engaged and you wont quit

    then once you get a fair amount of knowledge, its time to take the officially good lessons. try getting John Petrucci's Rock Discipline online. It will definitely help you build your skill with almost 2 hours of great material to learn.

    move to Metal Method series if you can get your hands on one. It will help you go even further no matter what style you wish to play.

    Lastly, have patience and perseverance. Love your music and your guitar gods like no other and you'll find yourself playing more than ever........

    So all the best for learning! \m/ keep up the spirit of rock n roll!

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