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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by hairmetaLLers, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. hairmetaLLers

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    The november rain video was the most expensive music video at its time in the nineties and had the budget of a full movie.

    The church set shown in the video had to be dragged on wheels to a middle of a desert, so when SLASH belts out the leads, watch out for the tracks on the field created by the wheels.

    Hey, did u note that slash plays the lead on his les paul without any electricity?? i bet u missed that.

    The model in the video was a lingerie model whom Axl Rose chose from a lingerie magazine who became his girlfren and later his wife and later had a bitter divorce battle..

    Slash has played for Micheal Jackson.

    chinese democracy is the most expensive album in music history that took fourteen years in the making.. its a great album but they need multilple guitarists to create the magic that SLASH alone did.. The album was rated 4/5 by rollingstone.com but it failed to do all that well commercially, because of our very own Axl and his rare public apperance for its promo..

    u want some more of GnR or any other rock artist, let me know..
  2. manku911

    manku911 New Member

    chinese democracy failed coz it sucks...not cz of less promo....
    slash plays without electricity cz he's using wireless system...
  3. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    no big deal in slash playing without electricity.. he must be inspired by bollywood movies :p
  4. guns n roses

    guns n roses Pro Guitarist

    How does Chinese Democracy suck? It's sold well over 5 Mill copies world wide with hardly any promotion and GN'R is STILL touring ;)
  5. manku911

    manku911 New Member

    chinese democracy sold out coz people were dying waiting for GnR...hoping they would be as good as they used to be...!!!!

    "...It`s not so much how good a player you are, it`s how cool you are".-slash
  6. guns n roses

    guns n roses Pro Guitarist

    In your original post you said CD failed and now you said it sold out? You need to make up your mind. And the second part of your statement is false;
    everyone knew this was a different GN'R and GN'R songs from Chinese Democracy had been leaked from as far back as 1999. No one was dying for anything.

    In terms of skill and talent, the current GN'R lineup has more technical skill and talent than the older line up. You can not compare a 1990's generation dominated by CD Sales and cassette sales to this generation where you can download any song in the world off LimeWire and slap it onto your iPod for free. Hell, even if you feel like being a good samaritan and legally purchasing the song; 70% of the people download the song or album off of iTunes.

    Todays CD sales # do not equal to what happened in the 1990's. Guns N' Roses has had equal success today and Chinese Democracy has sold as well as any other Guns N' Roses album when you also throw in the digital download numbers. Also on top of that GN'R has sold out nearly every concert to this day on their Chinese Democracy tour.

    I am a fan of both the old and new band and they are both great. They both present different styles of music and different influences. Buckethead is just as amazing as Slash and AXL is still one of the best rock singers alive.

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