Want Chords For Goodbye My Lover James Blunt.

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  1. sugat

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    Hi Guys Anyone Send Me Chords For Goodbye My Lover By James Blunt ..... Plzzz
  2. srakshit

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    I don't have the song playing or a guitar nearby, but it's a very simple I-vi-IV-V progression in E or F, with a short break section in vi. Very easy to pick up. In case you don't get it by tomorrow I'll put it up for you then.
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  4. srakshit

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    The song is in E, with a break section in C#m. It's played on piano so transcribing for guitar will not be very accurate, but this is the closest I could get it to sound.

    The verse chords are

    E C#m A E B - This is quick movement to B for one bar, and back to
    E C#m B/G# A - You can play the slash chord or a regular B, I just don't play the bass note so it sounds OK either way

    Chorus is a little different

    E C#m A E B
    E C#m G#m A B E

    And for the break section,

    C#m A B G#m
    C#m A B G#m

    It's pretty easy to play too, if you play the E & C#m at 4th, A at 5th and B at 7th fret, using open chord shapes and open string bass. You only need a bar chord for C#m, which is pretty easy, and to fret the 7th string bass (can omit the note if difficult) with your thumb for the B. The song is in regular 4/4, so you can listen to the chord changes by just the bass notes, or you can change instinctively and it still sounds right.

    All the best

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