Want Allah Ke Bande 's Strumming Pattern

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  1. Hitesh Chandra

    Hitesh Chandra New Member

    If anybody knows, do reply it to me.
  2. pradeep_kanthan

    pradeep_kanthan New Member

    it goes like

    DxDxDxDUD DxDxDxDUD this is for "toota toota" strumming part
    and for "allah ke bande "part
    ..........DDUD DDUDUD DDUD .. just down and ups without muting

    D=Down stroke
    x= Mute while strummin up
    U=up stroke

    just listen to the song u'll get an idea of what im tellin u abt
  3. Hitesh Chandra

    Hitesh Chandra New Member

    Thanks buddy....thanks a lot!
  4. lalit_rocks

    lalit_rocks New Member

    I also strum same what pradeep mentioned,
    actually muting style is used in whole song. So I follow muting style for both parts toota toota... and allah ke bande...
  5. hardrock4098

    hardrock4098 New Member

    Allah ke bande

    Hmmmmmmm interesting.
  6. hiteshshh

    hiteshshh New Member

    can any one tell how to play mute when strumming

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