Want all Power Chords ... With Numbering ...

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  1. Umee

    Umee New Member

    hello n Salam to all ...

    im a new biggener ... n i want to plz koi guitar POWER CHORDS bataday mujhe ... thank u ....

  2. talhaguy

    talhaguy New Member

    ok so first of all, most power chrods are like shortened forms of major chords. They are usually easy to play and perfect for begginers! power chords are the note and a 5 after it. so like A5 or D5.

    so say you have the 'G major barre' chord. the tab for that is 355433. The power chord would be called 'G5' and it is 355XXX.

    you can move this up and down on any fret. also here is another example on the next string over. the 'E major barre' chord in one position is X79997. now the power chord for that is called 'E5' and it is X799XX. the other 'E5' is 022XXX just in case you wanted to know. you can move these up and down frets as well.

    now next you can go over yet another string. I find that i do not use these often but still they may come in handy. a 'F5' would be XX356X. again, you can move these up and down.

    that is a basic explanation...and o yea if you add palm muting to these they sound pretty cool too. hopefully i was able to help you. good luck bro!

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