want a used bass guitar(left handed)

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by born2tab, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    Hi ppl,
    n e body selling his/her bass guitar (left handed) kindly PM me.want to learn bass..been doing rhythm for last 3 yrs.
  2. sanjivdas

    sanjivdas New Member

    very difficult buddy, left handed and that too used. Have you even managed a new left handed one?
  3. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    arre! just buy an ESP bass from bajaao.com...turn it over and play it! lol.....kidding....urmm....i think there might be a LEFTY bass on bajaao.com


    The ESPs are in !!
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  4. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    No way I am buying an ESP before i become a pro bassist...Jus thinking about buying a Java bass for the time being..Since i need to buy bass amp also i need to cut down on cost.So cant afford the ESPs....:eek:: right now...
  5. sanjivdas

    sanjivdas New Member

    Buddy I also turned to bass now, and I would advise you to atleast go for something like the Ibanez GSR200 or the ESP 50. You know, bad equipment can piss you off and make you lose interest. Also, it shouldn't happen that 3 months down the line you pick up bass well but don't like your gear. You will not get good value for your bass then. In my opinion, go for a mid range bass, which will help you till intermediate level, and if you do have to sell it, will get you a decent resale too.

  6. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    A friend of mine is selling his Givson Bass. It's a right handed bass but you can do some modifications on it and use it as a left handed bass. Once you are comfy with it, you can buy yourself a good bass.
  7. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    Hey thnkz ronnie for that info over the phone!!!!

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