want 2 buy a good yamaha acoustic guitar 15k..!!

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by jackzach21, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. jackzach21

    jackzach21 New Member

    hello frnds...

    i want 2 buy a good acoustic or electric acoustic guitar of yamaha..but i m confused which one 2 buy...n frm wer 2 buy..i can spend upto 15k..

    i liked yamaha apx500 model n yamaha fg720s model..but plz suggest me which one is best..or any other model..and also plz tell me frm wer i will get yamaha guitars in india..plz help..!!
  2. kumarmanu4

    kumarmanu4 New Member

    Yamaha F310 Acoustic guitar for sale along with bag,strings,plectrums and strap.

    Hi, I wish to sell brand new YAMAHA F310 Acoustic guitar with deluxe bag,strap,strings and plectrums.
    contact me on: 9769520947 (Mumbai)
    or Email: kumarmanu4@gmail.com
  3. susanthom

    susanthom New Member

    There are guitar parts here, yet they are probably not what you want(a yamaha guitar). Because it is cheap and world free shipping, once you need, you can go and find some budget !

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