wanna strt a band in mumbai?

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  1. jayho

    jayho New Member


    im jay from mumbai. :help:

    singer and guitarist (still learning). i already have developd a small bank of around 10 to 12 compositions. would love to kick start this and get a band together.

    and what better way to start than IGT.

    the music is of the type jal, Aaroh, junoon, strings, and eurphoria. actually it depends too, coz the band will of course have its own elements and identity added individually. :)

    guitarists, drummers, bassist, flutists, and keyboardists. not essential to have all, but this is the rough requiremnt.

    lets get rolling! :cool:
  2. Lyricist_song

    Lyricist_song New Member

    Lyricist here


    I am new Lyricist, just finished writing for an US based Indian Rock-pop male singer. Album to be launched soon!
    Now working on Pop album by UK based Indian lady singer...I can write lyrics in Hindi, Urdu, English.

    Manish Joshi
    Email: life_and_design@yahoo.com
  3. jayho

    jayho New Member

    thanks buddy

    hey buddy,

    thanks man. il sure make note of tht. but right now the primary req is of musicians. i have already written all my songs, myself. :)

    so who is the US based indian rock-pop male singer yuo ref to here?

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