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    posting the new poetry...titled as..WALKING THROUGH

    Down and desperate for just one success...
    i looked to my friends..
    they rejected my appeal
    waited for relatives..
    blamed for all what happned
    hoped from closed ones..
    cursed for commitment
    i yelled..i cried...for my uselessness
    survived on one meals a day....
    went through that never imagined..
    faced the infidelity
    by whom i trust more than anything..
    sucked by situations..and then
    nail in the coffin
    threw all what was precious to me...
    asked almighty.....now?

    thinking now sitting pretty ...
    in realistic value..
    practical terms...
    all situations are made for me to make bitter or better
    god decided those....or it was my predestined fact
    smiling on....
    but the toughest hour put the shadow
    on me....
    on my attitude...
    i fear the cheerfulness....
    as future is uncertain......
    walking on with each breath and trying to live each moment...

  2. astroguru26

    astroguru26 New Member

    is it really useless.........to comment

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  3. sweetie

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    Rohit no words left to say..its simply awesome :rock: and as usual just very sensitive specially the lines above..pinchs the soul thru..
  4. CrYpTiC_angel

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    i see u tried to get into another person's psyche... (it's jst a guess though)

    it's a good effort, definitely!
  5. Varshita

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    The feelings have been very well expressed... Good one !!

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