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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ronnieanand, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. ronnieanand

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    I recently won an original Vintage 1976 Thomas Organ Co. Crybaby Wah Pedal. It's stock and in great condition. Howoever I am planning to install True Bypass switches and some mods to improve mids making it more vocal and also to make the sweep uniform. I am looking at Analogman, Robert Keeley or Geoffrey Teese (Real McCoy) for modding it. It will cost me around $100, so I dont want to take chance with these mod guys. Any experience with these modders or any info about other Wah Pedal modders.
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    All of them + indyguitarist have a really good reputation, to be safe go with Robert keeley.
  3. ronnieanand

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    I talked to Indyguitarist. He doesn't do on the vintage Wahs. He works on Vox 847, Dunlop GCB95.
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    Try Pedaldoc


    Try Pedaldoc. They modded my Vox 847 and it sounds great and they did it very quickly. Their site:


    They mostly sell kits for doing the mods yourself but you don´t lose anything for asking.

    Hope that helps.

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    ^^Dude chk the date on which this topic has been posted !!!
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    lol...i love these sudden pop ups of old posts...they get me all excited and all
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    Fillet de Pomfret Orly ?
  10. ronnieanand

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    The mod is done long back...I got Geoffrey Teese to mod my Vintage Thomas Organ Cry Baby pedal :)...Thanks for your reply even though you were about a year late...
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    Any other pedal you have modded?

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