Vox 15VT amp for sale (Pune)

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Rajesh Nair, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Rajesh Nair

    Rajesh Nair New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I want to sell off my one year old Vox 15VT amp.
    Reason for selling: Need to buy a powerful amp for gigs.
    Condition: Hardly used.


    * 15W
    * 8" speaker
    * Real tube-power sound from Vox Valve Reactor circuit
    * Real 12AX7 triode tube and low-wattage tube power circuit
    * 11 amp models
    * 11 high-quality effects
    * User programs
    * Preset mode for quick model access
    * Knob-based interface for easy editing
    * Manual mode for real time adjustments
    * Headphone/line out jack

    Expected price: Bought it at 14k. Expected price 12k. Negotiable.

    Let me know if anyone in Pune wants to buy it.

  2. Rajesh Nair

    Rajesh Nair New Member

    Ready to sell it for 10k. Anyone interested?
  3. Shaayaan

    Shaayaan New Member

  4. harmonizer

    harmonizer The Son of the Moon


    i can give u 6k for sure if my frnd in shivajinagar likes it......rest up to u
  5. siddharthsid007

    siddharthsid007 New Member

    send me sm pics of it, will pay 9 if I like it..

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