Volcano (Damien Rice)

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  1. Fatima

    Fatima Talent Unlimited <img src="images/smilies/worthy.g

    Heylo :)

    Here's a cover I did today very quickly cos I was bored. Easy song, but SO pretty *sigh* I didn't bother layering it, so sorry if the vocals are a bit quiet... bad positioning of mic on my part :eek::

    Anyway - www.soundclick.com/fatima

    Just scroll down about halfway - cos thats where the covers are. All the ones at the top are originals and then the bottom ones are covers.

    Comments would be cool :)


  2. guitarangela

    guitarangela gran'ma

    u have a very cool voice, girl...this recording is rocking too..just like all of ur recording....just plain amazing..its ur voice that is the best...just so cool....
    reps if i can....... :nw: :nw: :beer: :beer:
  3. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    ur recordings are so inspiring! simply amazing.....

    m gonna pick up my guitar now n record smthng!!
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Fatima: Are you a pro? (shouldnt that be Fatimah?)

    *hee hee hee*
  5. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    what's that supposed to mean :annoyed:
  6. nimisha

    nimisha .:Forum Leader:.

  7. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    God is back...
  8. slash_i_m

    slash_i_m Laid to Rest

    holy hell.u sound like a pro.great recording quality.:nw:
  9. Fatima

    Fatima Talent Unlimited <img src="images/smilies/worthy.g

    thankyou SO much guys :)

    Haha no I'm not a pro - I just love singing and playing - and recording it all passes the time hehe.

    And Alpha - it's Fatima for me - some people add the "h" :)

    Thanks again!
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Now that we are done with all the goodies, shall we get down to brass-tacks?
  11. Mohsin shahid

    Mohsin shahid New Member

    vocals are good enough i felt that u sung it with full emotions and feelings ....

    nice work

    and i have listened to your cover of woh lamhey .lol there i felt that u are singing a western song

    your voice is good for western songs

    but it sound fine with pakistani songs as this song requires a lot variations and fluctuations so mazza nahin aye ga

    u know what i mean

    overall nice work
  12. Aka Oz

    Aka Oz /\K/\ - Ozy

    superb vocalsssssss nd good guitarin
  13. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    Awesome ,.. as usual!
  14. zoomingrocket

    zoomingrocket TeChNiCaL AdMiNiStRaToR

    Hey..gud to see you back here!

    And the recording is beautiful...
    Keep posting!

  15. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    nice to see you back fatima....i just love ur voice...n u play b-e-a-utifully...keep posting at IGT...:)
  16. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Fatima .. dat was jz amazin .. U've inspired me time n again .. Keep it up .. n keep 'em comin .. U rock gal ! :rock:
  17. Seelan

    Seelan Soldier Of Fortune

    my god!! fatima your 'My Immortal' cover sounds freakin like the original .. it rocks big time !!! haha my friends are all in love with your voice .. superb! keep it up .. hey if ya free , can ya come up with My Heart will go on ? wakekeke crappy song but nice melody ..

  18. varunrajani

    varunrajani New Member

    may i have ur autograph plz... ;)
    ur fan already...
    lovely voice for english tracks...(didnt suite in jal cover)...
    but u ROCk
  19. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    hey that was really good. the recording is good enough. What can i say abt your vocals. i think the others have already said it,really good. way to go.
  20. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    im crazy in love with yur voice yu can rasie nations with yur voice

    where did u get training frm?

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