voice of an angel..

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  1. sara_131

    sara_131 New Member

    your voice keeps me alive..
    your voice keeps me awake..
    your voice keeps me xited..
    your voice keeps me more and more happy..
    your song can make ny 1 2 sing..
    your song can make old people 2 dance.
    history says that this quality of voice is with angels from sky..
    but may the history be changed after listening 2 u'r voice.
    the gr8test moment of my life is 2 HummM u'r songs.
    but i don have a cutest voice like u!!!!..
    hope u understand and waiting for u'r reply.
  2. sahith

    sahith New Member

    but whoz that angel....is it u??;-)
  3. sara_131

    sara_131 New Member


    nope jus thinking of an angel and wrote
  4. its like a call to some one .. i like simple expressions and thus this piece

    sara accha and cute llikha hai :)
  5. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    its so simply written, nice collection of thoughts, so true and yes, cute !

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