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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by adidas_kiwi, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. adidas_kiwi

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    hey guyz...was wondering if anyone out there know of any software that we can use to remove voice from the song and make it only instrumental?? if so, where can i download it from??

    Thnx in advance....
  2. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ

    well ..da voice cancellation..option is available...in :

    1.> nero ..burnin rom software
    2.> Audio sound card software...
    3.> maybe jet audio or.. AV rack..
  3. sayanakaharry

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    absolute voice cancellation, is, in one word, impossible with most of todays tracks. you can maybe get usable results with certain software, but wont be satisfied. try the extraboy vocal remover plugin, heard it gives better results than the rest.
  4. Keoraf

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    Sayanakaharry is absolutely right, there is no way to do such, but there is a way to make your own karaoke songs from (some) DVD's, Dvd's with DTS audio or Dolby 5.1.
    This is information is not mine, i get it from another site, a guy called Mike Khan figured this out as he shared his knowledge with everyone. I heard the karaoke songs he ripped from the Dvd's, its just amazing!
    I'll paste the whole story here!

    No, nothing so complexe, and really it's very very simple and anyone with some computing knowledge and some audio processing plus a bit of standard software can do the same.

    First I'll tell you how I came to this.
    My 10 years old(or young ) daughter asked me some weeks ago to find some hindi karaoke songs for her that she will use at school for special Bollywood songs party. I phoned my friend who has a DVD shop here in Paris but unfortunately he had nothing seroius for me. I've heard about software that do devocalisation, but as an electronic engineer for 20 years now I can imagine that such software can do nothing more than band passing some of the frequency in the human voice region and some other statistical filtration.
    So I ask my daughter the list of songs she wanted. As she doesn't know the songs name by heart, she took a song compilation DVD of Aswaryarai Films and started searching on the living room's DVD player which is plugged in a home cinema system. When she started playing the title she was looking for we only had the vocal part of the song coming out.
    Well that was cuz when I look at TV (mainly documentary things) usually very late at night, I always mute all channels except the center channel. When I figured it out and demuting the other channels, the song played normally. I was really surprised by this and knowing very well how all the audio channels are set on a DVD I was really happy to be able to easily make karaoke-like things with this.
    Why ?
    From that I concluded, the audio engineers in Bollywood puts the vocal part in the center channel of the DVD.
    A normal DTS or Dolby 5.1 DVD has its audio tracks arranged as follows :

    Track 1 - Front -left channel (or speaker)
    Track 2 - Front right channel
    Track 3 - Central channel
    Track 4 - LFE (The low frequency that goes to the sub-woofer.
    Track 5 - Surround Left channel
    Track 6 - Surround Right Channel.

    I took arround a dozen dvds from actual movies and jumped on my computer.
    After checking all this set I only found 4 of them mastered with the vocal only in the center channel. The others had vocal in almost all channels.
    This was disguisting, but I said to myself, statistically there could be arround 30 % of all new DVD movies arranged like that. This give a very big opportunity to get 0 $ karaoke tracks and ofcourse with the original music tracks playing.
  5. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    How to :

    1. Identify the Track and chapter N° of the songs you want to rip. This is easily done on a player.

    2.Rip the DVD audio track (or chapter) with DVD audio Extractor or any other software that can do AC3 extraction from DVD 5besweet doest this awesomely and is free). Specify you want that each chapter be written to seperate files. Specify you want to rip to AC3. This is the compression format used on DVD for audio. You can choose to rip directly to 6 channel wave files but this takes lots of place on the hard disk. 5 minutes of AC3 takes ~15 MB compared to ~200 MB for multichannel waves.

    3. Use azid (a free Open source prg considered as one of the best, that can convert audio from/to various format) to split the AC3 to 6 multichannel wave. This will create 6 wave files with the name of the channel appended to the chapter name..
    You can convert and save the central channel at this stage as this is your vocal track.

    4. With Cool Edit pro or Adobe Audition in multichannel editing mode, import the remaining five tracks.

    Go to each tracks and choose this setting :
    Here I suppose you have imported the Front-Left to track 1, Front-right to track 2 etc...

    Track 1: (F-L)
    Volume level = -3 dB
    pan = 0
    Output = Left only

    Track 2 : (F-R)
    Volume level = -3 dB
    pan = 0
    Output = Right only

    Track 3 : (LFE)
    Volume level = -6 dB
    pan = 0
    Output = Stereo
    You can see here I've chosen the volume level to be at -6dB & the output to be STEREO. This is because as this track wiil be played on both channel the final result will boost the amplitude by 2. This is called additive distortion and happens will all kinds of signals. The -3 dB difference will avoid the extreme bass signal to sound twice louder that the others. (Cuz 3 dB is = X by 2 and -3 dB divides by 2).

    Track 4 : (S-L)
    Volume level = -3 dB
    pan = 0
    Output = Left only

    Track 5 : (S-R)
    Volume level = -3 dB
    pan = 0
    Output = Right only

    Now select all the tracks and downmix it to stereo and save it as karaoke.wav.
    This will give you the instrumental music part of the song.

    Finally encode it to MP3 and at least with the ALT PRESET STANDARD switch in LAME and post it here for our members listening pleasure.

    I'll take this opportunity to point out an important thing concerning the bitrate of MP3 files.
    I very often read in post on DT "CD quality" with files bitrated at 128 Kbits. This is awfully wrong. Near CD quality is attained with atleast 190 Kbits in CBR for normal complexity sound tracks. If the complexity is greater you loose signals at this bitrate. It is generally accepted in highend audio that the -ALT -PRESET STANDARD switch with LAME is CD quality. This has been double blind tested thousands of time by true audio enthusiasts and professionals. (To get an explanation on Blind Testing Audio, pls see my previous todays post in this forum section). You can get indepth information on the hydrogenaudio.org forum. This forum is where the developers of LAME, FOOBAR2000 and differents free software developpers (Releasing on rareware.org) sit and debate with the internet audio enthusiasts community. LAME is considered the best MP3 encoder available today and that since 2001 when version 3.90 was released. I encourage releaser to upgrade to 3.97.12b as its really better than 3.90 and is twice faster.

    You will surely come by songs with the central channel also containing solo instrumental performance and/or the bass line. This is a bit more tidy to deal with but it's not difficult to do. For this I make use of noise reduction pluging and some tricks based on destructive signal addition & filtering to extract it and add it to the instrumental part of the "karaoke".
    But I will not explain it in depth here cuz I need some screen capture to demonstrate it. As I am actually working on a "How To cleaning oldies tracks ripped from CD or DVD", I will add a section concerning this matter in it. I hope to post it in 2 or 3 weeks
    For those who have some experience with noise reduction : Here is the quik steps :

    1. Silence (attenuate by at least 60 dB) all parts of the Central track (say central.wav) where there is the main vocals, save it as center1.wav.

    2. Use the invert function to dephase center1.wav by 180 ° and save it as central1_inverted.wav

    3. Downmix central.wav and center1_inverted.wav and save it as center2.wav

    4. Identify (by listening the main vocal in central.wav) the instrument present along-side the main vocal.
    Using a Noise reduction plugin with center2.wav, take a noise print of the instrument on a part of the wave where there's no vocal and apply it. Make as many noise prints as instruments you have identified and repeat the process.
    In each noise reduction step, you must save the usefull signal to the file center2.wav as well as the difference signal to a seperate file.

    By now you have a clean vocal only track. But we dont care cuz what we want is to have all the instrumentals in the main instrument track that we will call karaoke track.

    Multritrack all the difference files with karaoke.wav. Do not forget to adjust the volume level of the tracks to -3dB as they will be downmix to stereo.

    THat's it !!!
    There is no genious in here only some ingeniosity and a good accidental event caused by a 10 years old little girl. Many thanks to her (By the way, her name is Zara).

  6. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    try FL Studio 7 and slice it ..may be iut will help u

    but the high performance PC is required for this action !
  7. smithpal

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    Completely removing voice from the song is not an easiest task, but we can remove, i did this process using FlexiMusic Wave Editor. It works for me.
  8. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Completely removing the vocals from any song is impossible, at least without losing audio quality!!!
  9. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Good work Keoraf... Thanks for all this...
  10. radicalz_adi

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    all this is copied i forgot frm where but i read it somewhere.....anyways why the hell would someone need those crappy vocal removed songs...
  11. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    If you would read the first lines, you wouldn't react like this:

    And if you should heard the songs you wouldn't called them "crappy", they are just the original songs with the vocal removed!!!!!
  12. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    ma apologies....
  13. aniketpataskar

    aniketpataskar New Member

    try goldwave freeware for the purpose
    its an ok softwre for postprocessing also
  14. green_day

    green_day New Member

    heya guys...........
    seems that u r taking huge pressures,........ha ha.........
    it is very simple nd it works gr8.........
    download the software AUDACITY...........
    the process for removing the vocal is seen in a video...u can find that vid in youtube....
    or u can ask me by mail after downloading that software........
    I can bet that it works best.................

    check out guys.......

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