Vocalist Needed(bangalore based)

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  1. chintan9

    chintan9 yay! i won the ipod!

    We are basically a old school thrash metal band influenced by Annihilator,Iced earth,Testament, Slayer, Death, Athiest, judas priest,Nevermore etc .Primarily an own comp band. Looking for a vocalist with versatility.

    Contact- Chintan
    email- [SNIP]
    ph no- SNIP, SNIP
    mob- SNIP
    Place- Bangalore
  2. limp182

    limp182 New Member

    Hi I'm santhosh and am a vocalist looking for a band to jam

    Mobile: 9743728067
  3. aneeshcr

    aneeshcr New Member

    Hey - Am Aneesh and I do the vocals. I too am looking to form/join a band. My taste is Grunge, but I think I could do thrash metal as well...... And ya, I also compose my own songs ( Again these suits only Grunge )

    Maybe, if you are still on the look you could PM me ....
  4. rohanshankar

    rohanshankar New Member


    Im metal, more into Megadeth, Metallica, Bullet For my valentine, Slayer, Anthrax
    Vocal experience 11 years.
    Age concern- im not yet major.

    Play guitar also( will not come without guitar) VMNTX UA graphics
  5. BBMP

    BBMP New Member

    Hey rohanshankar

    am a drummer in a four-piece Bangalore Metal band ... vocalist moving out so need a new one. call @ 9686226325
  6. yashvanth

    yashvanth New Member

    hi we r a thrash/death metal band looking for a vocalist..into own compositions only.. very serious bout music n band.. if intrested contact me at 9738843297..

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