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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by acidwabbit, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. acidwabbit

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    Do you guys think he was better off with Dio...or doing better now in Def Leppard?...i think his other band Riverdogs which he treats as a side project now is pretty good too...
    My preference was the work he did with Dio especially in Holy Diver
  2. ronnieanand

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    Viv with Dio had some great stuffs. If you give it a second listen, it's pretty much straight forward shredding over catchy riffs and nothing more. In Def Leppard, though he doesn't rip on the solos like he used to do with Dio, he does exceptionally well on Guitar Layering and things like that. He is growing as a musician and you can notice his maturity in playing in Def Leppard. Dont mistake me. I am a big fan of Vivian Campbell.
  3. alpha1

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  4. acidwabbit

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    I feel most of the layering is done by Phil Collen...Viv is behind him in the corporate ladder there and i feel he's being subdued or probably its his choice to take it easy...who knows

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