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    thats what i read abt the full version

    WINDOWS VISTA, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system, is finally here. It was officially released to corporate users last week and will be available to consumers on Jan. 30. But now that Vista is ready, will your computer be? And what will be involved in an upgrade?.......Microsoft says Vista offers increased security, along with an improved search function, an excellent calendar program, improved networking and a sidebar with quick access to mini-programs called gadgets. With the right display adapter, some editions of Vista will also offer a new interface called Aero that lets you preview what is inside a running program by placing your cursor over its thumbnail in the task bar.

    It will be possible for many PC users to spend $99 to $259 to purchase a Vista DVD to upgrade their existing Windows XP machines. But before you do that, you need to take a good look at your PC as well as your peripherals and software. If your system isn’t quite compatible, it might be possible to make it ready for Vista with some additional memory or perhaps a new video card.

    Even if your PC is Vista-ready, that doesn’t mean you should buy the upgrade kit. For most users, especially those whose hardware isn’t quite up to speed, it might make sense to wait until it’s time for a new PC.

    The easiest way to get Vista is to buy a new PC after Jan. 30. If you want a new PC sooner, make sure the hardware is Vista-ready and see if the vendor is offering a coupon for a free or low-cost upgrade when Vista comes out. It is essential to compare the cost of buying a new system against purchasing Vista and upgrading your current PC. By the time you add up the cost of Vista plus any required hardware, it might be make more sense to get a new machine.

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    IF vista means that you gotta get buy a new 'better spec' PC AND vista OS AND vista only softwares after that .. then do yourself a favour ..

    buy a mac!

    cuz you will be buying a new system ... you will be buying a new OS and then you would be buying mac specific softwares ... minus the hassle, minus the viruses and minus the BSODs ... (and gotta agree .. mac is wayyy flashier than any windows)

    and yes you can also run xp on macs ... can vista run osX? natively??
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    why dont u just mod ur XP to make it look like Vista? Works neat on my comp....

    search for Vista Transformation Pack or BricoPacks
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    It sux......75% sws and drivers don't support :mad:

    it takes a super PC to b installed in...:mad:
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    nice idea downloading it from

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