Vintage V100 Les Paul query !?!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Arun Harindran, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Arun Harindran

    Arun Harindran New Member

    guys i intend to buy a Les Paul copy...The options i zeroed in are- Greg Bennette av6/7 (24k ) and Vintage V100 (23K).
    Where in delhi can i buy a Vintage V100 guitar... please tell me the shops...
    would really appreciate your inputs !
  2. moheet007

    moheet007 New Member

    i'm curious about these Vintage guitars too! sound good to me... though i'm not a fan of the entire new guitar worn-out look... would love some opinions by the experienced player...
    @arun.... dunno bout delhi, but i didn't see any vintage guitars at major retail shops like bhargavas or furtados in mumbai... saw a vintage strat type guitar which i assume was a V6 icon at alberto's malad... saw some up on a website if u don't have a problem with shipping... guitarstore(dot)in..
    do let us in on some reviews in case u buy one!
  3. Arun Harindran

    Arun Harindran New Member

    hey.. m not an "experienced player" brother :p but yes i did find some great reviews for the vintage V100. Its the one of the best les paul copies under 25k along with some tokais n other manufacturers.
    I was in pursuit of an electric guitar too n i zeroed in on this along with the greg bennette av6. But i am apprehensive about buyin the vintage online coz havent heard much about's after sales and service.i did talk to sum guys from, he says that it will be available with them but cant give me an estimate time period for it to be back in stock.

    regarding Vintage v100 you shud check out the online reviews. people are crazy about this axe.
    Do tell me if u find it somewhere in mumbai or any other place.
  4. sodhigagan

    sodhigagan New Member

    Did you try calling Raj Musicals in west delhi. Otherwise Furtados in south delhi. There numbers are available online. Prefer the first option; they have great reviews; including mine.

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