Video Footage of a guitar workshop in Karachi, Pakistan

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    Dear All,

    This is the video footage of a guitar workshop held recently in Karachi, Pakistan. The people playing in this workshop are simply the best the country has to offer, people like Khurram Waqar (kW), Faraz Anwar, Gumby, and co. All these players have their own respective bands.

    John Louis Pinto aka Gumby is THE best drummer in Pakistan, and has played in over 1500 shows all around the world, touring with various artists. He has also played with The sufi rock band Junoon.

    Faraz Anwar is an international artist and his solo album titled "Abstract point of view" was released by Allan Holdsworth's record label, and then later by Lion Music.

    Khurram Waqar also recorded a 12 track instrumental album with his band "Cocytus" in the United states when he went there for studies. He is currently recording an album with his band kNuMB in his home studio. For details on kNuMB, check out their website

    The link for the footage is provided below

    The details for the workshop are :


    - Lydian Soundcheck
    The mystical feel played with a subtle touch by kW
    - Soundcheck
    With Faraz Anwar on drums

    kNuMB's original instrumentals

    - Anarchy
    This one is all about the hypocrisy in society.
    - Deepak
    The Indian Classical Purbi Thaat with its own vintage feel
    - Hailstorm
    Brutal Anger with the wah wah shred and double bass
    - Into The Battle
    Turning out to be a crowd favorite

    Open Jams with Faraz Anwar

    - E Lydian Jam
    Both kW & Faraz Anwar show their playing styles with improvised solos.
    - A Mixolydian Jam
    featuring Gumby on drums and Mohd Ali Jafri on bass. Improvisation at its best.
    - A Dorian Jam
    featuring Gumby on drums and Estes on bass. Breathtaking stuff with kW and Faraz Anwar bringing the house down.
    - Harmonic Minor Jam
    Faraz Anwar showing his magic.

    Do download and let us know what you think

    kNuMB Team Management
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    Yaar U should have invited me as well.
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    Will definitely let you know whenever something like this happens in future. For latest news and updates, keep visiting .

    kNumB Team Management

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