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  1. big_boss

    big_boss New Member

    how to download a video frm
  2. Rajat1711

    Rajat1711 New Member

    Download Video From Youtube

    u can copy the Temp file from
    C: >documents & Settings > User name (the one which u are using)> Local settings > Temp Internet Files

    Local SEttings might no be visible for that u need to may have to Enable the Hidden Folder
    for that Open any Explorer page > tools >Folder Options > View Tab > Enable Show Hidden Folder.

    The File get displayed by the name get_video (Note Sort it by Size in descending order since Videos normally occupy large space. u can easily find it.

    Revert if more help needed.
  3. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    add "kiss" before youtube on the link
    or use sites like and
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