vezhambal kezhum-malayalam

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  1. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

    Movie- Olangal

    e |--------5-5-4-----
    B |---5------------5--
    G |-------------------
    D |--------------------
    A |--------------------
    E |--------------------
    ve zhambal kezh um

    e |--------3-3-2-------
    B |---5-----------3--5-
    G |---------------------
    D |---------------------
    A |---------------------
    E |---------------------
    venal kudir am nee..

    plz rply..........
  2. mjosealappat

    mjosealappat New Member

    good and impressive
  3. sathish lion

    sathish lion New Member

    hello sir this is tamil forum .... not malayalam ...
  4. majeedsa

    majeedsa New Member

    Ekakini ninnormmakal etho nizhal chithrangalayi


    sir pls post rest of the lines

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