vennilave-hariharan a.r rahman

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  1. shaji chundan

    shaji chundan New Member

    verse: //D/DGm/Dsus4/Gm//Dsus4/Gsus4/Dsus4/D//

    Verse2 : //Gm/ "/GmD/D// x 3
    //Dsus/ " /Gm/ " //
    // Dsus/Gm/cm6/D// x 2
    //Dsus/D/ " /Dsus/

    This is not a guitar song ...but its fun to fingerpluck the chords and sing along...chk out if the chords are correct ....

    rock on ..
  2. Raseek

    Raseek New Member

    i want vennilave tabs...plz help me....

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