Vellai Pookal- Kannathil Muthamittal

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    Check this out,I get it from a tamil guitar website

    Song : Vellai Pookal
    Film : Kannathil Muthamittal
    Composer : A.R.Rahman
    Scale : EM

    Vel lai poo ka l ula gam en gum ma lar ga vae

    E B E
    Vi di yum boo mi amaithik kaga vi di ga vae

    B E
    Mann mel man jal ve lich cham vi zhu ga va e

    B Bsus4 E
    Ma la rae som bal mu ri thu e zhu ga va e

    Ku zhan thai vi zhi kat tu mae

    Tha a yin ka tha ka thap pil

    U la ga m vi di yat tu mae

    Pil lai yin siru mu thal sirip pil


    G#m7 C#sus4
    Kaa trin pae ri saiyum

    G#m7 C#sus4
    Ma zhai paa dum paa dal ga lum
    B D# F# F# F#B F# F# F#G#

    E9 B E
    O ru mou nam pol in bam tha ru moe


    Kodi keerthanam
    Kavi kortha varthaigalum
    Thuli kanneer pol artham tharumoe

    copyright reserved
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  2. complete85

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    does anybody know where I can download this vellai pookal song?
  3. sshriyan

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    strumming pattern

    can someone tell me the strumming pattern of this song?
  4. strings25

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    vellai pookal

    u can figure out the strummin if u listen to the a learner, tried to do it tht way...gud luck...keep rockin guys...
  5. eskay

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    thanx man,
    this is one of my favourites.

  6. vidya

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    hi..i guess the strumming will go by BSS/BBS
  7. Guitar boy

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    vidya madam, pls explain what's BSS/BBS
    do u mean Bass/Solo strings by them?
  8. j_necromancer

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    i don't understand the strummin! i have put up a strumming pattern on my own though and it sounds good!! thanks for the post complete 85
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  11. allen sebastian

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    actually.... i thought this vellai pookal song is Fmajor.. thanks
  12. srini_fox

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    the song is in EM-B-B7.

    The guitar solo at the beginning and end go this way:

  13. srini_fox

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    Paste the tabs above into Notepad - the forum's font messes it up.

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