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  1. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    Movie - AWARAPAN
    Singer - MUSTAFA ZAHID (Musti)

    hi guyz this is a nice song 4m da movie Awarapan called tera mera rishta. its been done by pakistani band follows da same tune as their song called LAMS 4m their album ROXEN-E-DEEWAR.they kinda re- arranged this song 4 this movie. guyz do check it out and plz comment on it!!!!!!!!!

    here's da link -
  2. sahilisahunk

    sahilisahunk New Member

    plzzz post d chords of the song.....and yeah uve sung it well in your own style...nice...
  3. sahilisahunk

    sahilisahunk New Member

    i play it on Em D C .....its sounds gudd...what about you...
  4. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member

    Ruchit Agrawal

    needs a hell of improvement...the vocals need to be worked on badly!d song is not at all coming in a flow,the strumming is not suiting the song at all...i dont intend to dishearten you but you yourself hear it n u'll find the loads of mistakes..Wake me better...n.and your voice seems to be very artificial try 2 be original..the song from AWARAPAN is not a pleasant luv song..needs some josh n flow..r u gettin it?By the way whats your age?
    well to be frank i didn't like the song...hope u don't feel bad 'bout it.
  5. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    hey thxs sahilishunk well ya Em D C r da original chords 4 this song

    @ ruchit-
    well i wud suggest u to hear da song LAMS by roxen 4m their album on which this tera mera rishta song is based. i dont agree wid u on da strumming thing. according 2 me its just fine and its kinda based on strumming of Lams. and abt my vocals i dont think i hve sang it tht badly.still i'm working on it and it vil get better in my next cover version!!!
    also i checked ur recording of this song u voice was good but ur chords were completely wrong. i guess u hve used ur chord prog of B F# E F# which doesnt suit da song. also check out da videos of roxen's live performance of this song.u'll get da idea.da song is based on Em D and C progression.thxs 4 replying.bye
  6. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ

    hey...hmmm.... good recording.. :) ..i liked da stereo effects...!.n i kno .ure workin on da no probs wid dat....but....da pace of da song was..verry slow bhai.... slow hai..... its kinda sad version.....or else..its goood... nd da modulations or murkiyaans u hv taken is...diffnt..4m original.....


    nice recording.. ;)..

    take care!
  7. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    guyz my song is kinda mix of Lams and tera mera rishta.also a bit inspired by da live performance of da song Lams by Roxen on play it live. check out tht video on youtube!!!!!!
  8. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member


    well i've used A E D E and i think they're awesome..cuz every1 hearin it is goin crazy..n i got more compliments on guitarin den my vocals!as for your vocals,i don say that they're very bad..but the surr is wandering a lot,you must be knowin that,n your voice seems to be artificial to me yaar..overall its not that bad try..i was just tellin wat i felt..hope u don feel bad
  9. Ahmed Bawany

    Ahmed Bawany New Member

    hey man sahilishahuk !! thnx alot fer da chords man i really needed em. im gonna sing da song n play guitar at my skoolz talent show !!! thnx dude!
  10. Ahmed Bawany

    Ahmed Bawany New Member

    hey man ruchit... cn u temmi how to record songs my own songs n post it on dis website ?? cuz i think im in luv wid music since im heard ur purani jeans solo! plz reply or u can E-mail me on msn .. my id is waitin fer ur reply
  11. theifofhearts

    theifofhearts New Member

    Hey guyz m a new learner can sum1 plz tell me the strumming pattern.

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