Varanam Ayiram

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  1. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member

    Varanam Ayiram chords

    hi guys...i tried some chords for this song...sound like a G scale..correct me if im wrong...
    try chords
    |G|Cadd9|Em|D| for the versus.....try to post ur versios too...remember im still a don shoot me down :p
  2. dj_boy

    dj_boy New Member

    hey bro

    yo man...i am also a newbie right...but i think its A minor scale cos mundhinam and nenjukkul song both start with A minor...try strum A minor and hum to it.. and sing the start of the song....shruthi will be right...this is my opinion though correct me guys if i am wrong i am newbiw to guitar
  3. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Nenjukul song is in A Major and Mundhinam is in B Major.

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