Varanam aayiram

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by jyothish, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. jyothish

    jyothish New Member

    Any body pls send me the tabs for the following songs from vaaranam aayira

    adiye kolluthe
  2. M@yur

    M@yur New Member

    the intro uses power chords.....
    its a G5, A5 and D5..... !!!!! search on for chord diagrams....
    n btw... im a newbie... and am js a beginner.... so plz dont shoot me down!!! :p :p!!!
  3. M@yur

    M@yur New Member

    abt the rest of the song..... dono.....
    sm1 pleez put down the chords for the rest of the song.!!!!
  4. ibanez1997

    ibanez1997 New Member

    @M@yur, I think its half step down...

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