Uyirin Uyire from Kaaka Kaaka

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    hello friends,

    this is my first post and I'm posting the tab for the song Uyirin Uyire from the movie Kaakha Kaakha (its a tamil movie) and i believe the telugu version of the same movie is titled Gharshana. I dont know if the Hindi version also has the same song or not. Do try it out and lemme know if you like it.

    Adios Amigos and have fun playin....


    Uyirin Uyire from Kaakha Kaakha. Music director: Harris Jayaraj

    Points to note:

    a) Use your imagination to play the lead. The best way is to play along with the song to get the timing for the song and also to develop your own style for the song.

    b) The notes below are just the main notes for the song and i play the song using pull off's and slides which makes the song more fun to play with. Also try using string bending at notes (u shoudl experiment with it).

    c) I would recommend use of an effects pedal(s) or atleast a minimum of overdrive to get some additional sustain into the notes.

    d) To my limited understanding the scale for this song is on Am.

    e) THE TAB IS ON TWO STRINGS (no's 1 (E) and 2 (B)) can also play by moving down octaves which sounds really kewl when you play along with the song. Experiment with that

    f) I havent tabbed the interludes

    g) The Power chords are in the Am chord progression

    Intro and Vocals first part




    Vocal parts in between



  2. Natasia

    Natasia ...

    grrrrrrr888 job jackdaws,,, the lil i tried of ur tabs sounds awssommee....abhi me has loadssaa studying to do but once thts kinda over me will post tam tabs too.....
  3. jackdaws

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    gr8 nat...look forward to ur tamil tabs man...thanks...
  4. srini_fox

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    For those stuck with a classical guitar :( me... 12s and 14s are a pain to play...
    just subtract 12 from each string ....
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    cool tabs dude!!!
  6. vampire_swami

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    this way was too cool.. cheers bro :)
  7. vicky lohon

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    can anyone help me with the first part of the vocals? i can't seem to figure out the rhythm even though i listened to the song

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