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Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by chat2manan, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. chat2manan

    chat2manan New Member

    play this out....i hav tabbed it comment

  2. chat2manan

    chat2manan New Member

    arey koi toh comment kro
    its my first submission
  3. tejfunky

    tejfunky New Member

    good work....for a beginner.....kudos...
  4. umi_rulez

    umi_rulez New Member

    go0od hay yar
  5. chat2manan

    chat2manan New Member

    hey thanx a lot yaar........
    this will encourage me to submit more
  6. imkismat

    imkismat New Member

  7. chat2manan

    chat2manan New Member

    easy nd good
  8. debangandas

    debangandas New Member

    MuZiK rOcKs!!!

    good job!!!post more
  9. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    good job, try this and see.
    have changed the last 9-9 to 9-10
  10. @ Chat2manan
    Keep Going Buddy....

    @ Sharad_20000
    Nice alteration...

    Keep Going Guys...

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