Useful and must have softwares for new guitarists

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  1. Ashyantony7

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    Here are a few softwares which you would find useful.

    1.Chord Maestro
    Download this software to your mobile device.It contains about 10 positions to each chord and positions for all chords such as sus4, aug, dim7, M7 etc.. It also has a pitch pipe to help in tuning.And above all its FREE.

    2.Guitar and Bass
    This is quite a useful which you can download to your PC.It is also free.It has quite a number of tools and the thing I liked the most its Jam Band tool.

    This is quite a good software for beginners to memorize the notes on the fretboard.

    If you have a Acosuto-electric or an electric the following softwares will be useful. The first thing you want to do with these guitars is to connect them to pc using a converter to the line in of pc (there is a detailed post on how to do it in this forum )

    4.Pitch perfect Musical Instrument tuner
    This is a Free software you don't wanna miss. You can tune your guitar, Bass, & stringed guitar, viola etc. to standard or custom tuning saving your money on electronic tuner.

    This is a useful tool to record your playing, edit it, add effects, and add multiple tracks. It is quite cool and it is also FREE.

    6.Ultrawave Guitar Multifx and Ultrawave Guitar Racks
    These two are awesome softwares which converts your PC to an awesome sound processor. It costs less and comes with Free trial of 60 hours which everyone can try.
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    @Ashy - Nice work bro. I'm sure we'll get more contributions and people will be add to your list.

  3. allen sebastian

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    you must add "ik multimedia amplitube"to your list and also mention that they cant just connect their guitar directly to their computer without proper interfaces... most people dont know this,.

    great time!
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  4. Keoraf

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    And for all those people who want to record, make, compose etc. in a more professional way, get Cubase SX 5 and Adobe Audition.
    Ofcourse you also have to get the many VST-plugins and the many VST-Instruments.
    If you are a wealthy person, than buy the stuff, otherwise you can search the internet for the many torrentsites!
    If there are people who want a good torrentsite, just send me a PM and i will give you a good torrentsite where you will have access to those professional music software!
  5. alpha1

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    why not look at the free open source softwares?

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