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    hey can anyone tell me what is the difference between a guitar pick up and a guitar transducer..are they the same things or different.plz tellme the features of both of these as m interested in buyin one...plz i dunn have much time..its urgent!!!waitin..thanx in advance!!!
  2. Saptashaw

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    Yes. They are the same. Any Transducers & Sensors textbook will tell you they are also called pickup. I had the same question myself once.
  3. deathdr_87

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    ok please sont title your post "urgent plz". thats not the way to get an answer. keep the subject line restricted to the subject. ppl will help regardless of whther u say ur case is urgent ot nor. this way ppl who know about the subject will actually open ur post.
  4. leakyhoe

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    yup saptashaw is right... same thing...

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