URGENT help required in buying an entry level electric guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Tablature Discussion' started by live.work.play, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. live.work.play

    live.work.play New Member


    I'm looking for a good entry level electric guitar. i've been playin acoustic for 4 mths now and hav absolutely no knowledge bout electric guitars. i have seen 3 jumpstat packs:

    1. silvertone SS10PK with 20 w amp,a gig bag, digital tuner, plectrums, guitar strap, and cable

    Double Cutaway Sculpted Body Design
    5-Way Pick Up Selector With a Single Volume and Dual Tone Controls
    Vintage Tremolo Bridge System
    Precision Die-Cast Tuners
    Smart II 20 Watt Peak Performance Amplifier
    Limited Lifetime Warranty (Guitar)
    Packaged In Four Color Carton Complete Package Also Includes:
    Chord Chart
    Silvertone Electronic Digital Tuner
    Silvertone Nylon Carrying Bag
    Silvertone Guitar Picks
    Silvertone Pro Strings (Extra Set)
    Silvertone Guitar Strap
    Guitar To Amp Connection Cable

    Price 8.5k

    2.Black Squier Stratocaster guitar, gig bag, Squier SP-10 practice amp with switchable distortion, electronic tuner, strap, cable, picks, and The Fender Guitar Method book

    Squier SE-100 Electric Pack Features:

    Squier Stratocaster
    Gig bag
    Squier SP-10 practice amp with switchable distortion
    Electronic tuner
    Strap, cable, picks
    The Fender Guitar Method book

    price 13k

    3.Aria STG 003 Electric Guitar + Marshall MG10CD Amplifier + Cable + Picks

    Aria STG-003 Strat Style Electric Guitar - Aria STG 003 comes with a solid alder body, strat style, maple bolt on neck, 22 frets, rosewood fingerboard and:

    Price 10k

    Which one shud i go for. my idea is to buy an entry level guitar play it for an year get to know wat elec guitars ae all bout and then buy a good guitar

    please help me out and it would b of real help if somebdy cn pt out how these guitars sound and basic differences b/w the three

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    where r u getting such combo deals?

    well..dont go for one wid aria..i've heard some people complain about aria..enquire & check properly first!
  3. live.work.play

    live.work.play New Member

    there's a store strings & drums in east of kailash, then theres bharat music store and bajaao.com. they have these deals featured.well i don expect much from my guitar because i wont be playin professionally neways.i'm nt considering ibanez,fender and the likes cos they are out of scope for me now and given that ive only been playin since 4 mths i wont be able to make out minute differences b/w the brands which professionals can make out..i need a decent guitar which is not tough on my pocket...hope sm1 cn provide a quick solution
  4. live.work.play

    live.work.play New Member

    Hi all, pls respond as i need your help very urgently...

    thanks a tonn!!!
  5. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    i would highly recommend the squier SE 100!! i have it and its the best among all the starter's pack!!!sp if ur gonna spend money better go for this one as it would help you go a long way!!! this was my first electric guitar too
  6. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    [edit]sorry for double post[\edit]
  7. sid333

    sid333 New Member

    HI i'm from australia nd i suggest that you don't get any massive discount packs because they always have dodgy parts in them. Buy everything separately. I suggest you have a look on ebay. They have some decent stuff tehre.
  8. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    Hey bro from ur post it seems as though u have a budget of atmost 12k.
    Y dont u go in for a Samick LJS-35 Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose (Rs.10k on bajao.com) or a Washburn X10 Electric Guitar (Rs.10700 on bajao.com ) and then go in for a stanger amp that will cost you around 3k more at the most.(Go for a stranger cube20) as it would fit your budget too.
    This will the most optimised deal i can suggest.
    And beware , neva go for combo packs..they are jus bullsh**

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