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  1. saurabh_taurian

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    Hi everyone.....i need help,,,,like i've been playing guitar for i think 4 or 5 months now....but i've been facing a problem since i started playing it and it is with my picking hand. i cant judge the strings while picking them with a pick. mostly i hit the wrong ones and now this thing always on mind while playing leads that i'll mis hit and that alwayz happens......im tired of practicing alternate picking, different hand positions its just not helping me. please help me out!!!!
  2. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    keep ur hand at the best position u feel...nd y r u worried?? U r only learning 4 5 months :p:..U r not supposed to play lyk Satch are u??:p: Keep practicing....

    This is a good xercise for u...

    Play dis..
    Use alternate picking and don't look at the strings wen u r playing it...
  3. grabasstic_man

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    when i am soloing, the way i do it is that i rest the side of my palm on the bridge. Hold the pick between my thumb and index finger. this gives u a better control and over time will allow u to play faster. Do this and use the exercise above.
  4. alpha1

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    I have been playng for 4-5 years now.
    And I still face similar problem (though less frequently and of lesser magnitude)

    It all goes aways with time.
  5. saurabh_taurian

    saurabh_taurian New Member

    Thanks everyone.....i'll practice that exercise for sure.
  6. vampire_swami

    vampire_swami New Member

    that was my problem as well.. thats for the guys..

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