URGENT : Confused between Squier Affinity, California and Bullet!! Please Help!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by skit_sachdeva, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. skit_sachdeva

    skit_sachdeva New Member

    Hi All,

    Ive been playing an acoustic for almost a year and a half now..and now i plan to buy an electric ....ive been to the music store more than 8-9 times...but still i can't decide...I finalised Fender Squier Affinity(HSS) but then when i played Bullet after it , it sounded wayyyy better!!..I wanna buy it ASAP..and need your support..please help me decide on what would be the best amongst all of these...Id prefer an HSS combination as a humbucker would make distortion sound better..even the Squier California has a humbucker..but im sooo confused..please suggest me other guitars(brands) too with the same HSS configuration which you think would be better than these!!..Id basically play punk and other rock and hard rock genres, not too much of metal!

    Budget : Less than 13.5k

    Sukrit Sachdeva
  2. flood

    flood New Member

    the affinity is decidedly the worst of the lot. i own one, it was my first guitar. it retained playability for a couple of years but then i got fed up of its issues - tuning instability thanks to the cheaper-than-cheap tuners, string breakage, neck warp etc. as soon as my fernandes arrived, i took paint stripper, pliers and a belt sander to my squier...

    at the moment, it's getting a second life as a fretless. anyway, ong story short, squier affinity is the GIO of the fender/squier line. i'd go with whatever plays and sounds better to you.
  3. skit_sachdeva

    skit_sachdeva New Member

    Thanks 'flood' i was almost gonna buy affinity(now i wont, obviously), btw what do you mean by 'GIO'?

    What about bullet and california?

    any other brands?

    What do you think about Squier Obey HSS(Collage)??

    Sukrit Sachdeva
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    GIO is the absolute entry level series from ibanez. the squier of ibanez so to speak. the GIOs i've played had notorious stability issues and sounded weak and horrible.... and that was in the shop. so for me, the GIO is one of the worst brand name guitars i've played.

    don't know about the others. unless i'm really convinced that the particular piece i'm playing is good, i swore to myself a couple of years ago never to buy a squier again. so i don't know anything about the guitars you've mentioned.

    this thread seems to indicate that the affinity is a better guitar (on paper). http://soft.com.sg/forum/gear-guita...s-squier-bullet-vs-squier-affinity-strat.html

    this one also doesn't provide anything conclusive but is probably a good read:

    on the whole i'd say do your own playing and listening and figure it out. i think the squier standard series is supposed to be the best of the lot.

    also, do keep one thing in mind: all of them are made in china, and quality can vary from piece to piece. when i bought my affinity, i played 4 or 5 squiers before i made up my mind. a couple of them were really bad. i finally chose between two of them that sounded practically identical, and went for the white one cause hendrix played a white strat at woodstock...
  5. skit_sachdeva

    skit_sachdeva New Member

    haha..thanks again...seems ur a great Hendrix fan(all of us are)..thanks for the support anywayz!!


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